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Doug is the stereotypical father of a nuclear family, with abundant insecurities and inadequacies. He leads the narrow, unwavering path of an accountant, with the only adjustment being that he's just moved into a new home in rural South Dakota. With an unsightly tree overhanging the roof, their insurance company and Doug's wife insisted he cut it down. Though, when he bought the property from the grandchildren of the previous owner - who'd mysteriously gone missing, presumed dead - they informed him of their grandmother's strong desire to keep that tree intact. But with the grandmother no longer in the picture, he was guilt-free to chop down the tree. His children insist they carve the family's initials on the tree's trunk to commemorate its departure from its long life. After humoring their childish whims, he gets to work sawing through the tree. But only for a moment, as he's thrust through a wormhole into another realm. Doug lands in a clearing surrounded by forest. After a few scrapes with death, he comes across the sight of a small hut expelling smoke from its chimney. He wanders in and meets a strange old witch. This witch reveals that he has been transported to a world of magic, and he must have reached this plane by disrupting and damaging the conduit between worlds: that unsightly tree on his property. The witch also reveals that the world he's fallen into is undergoing a cataclysmic event known as The Withering - a fanciful way of saying that the world is dying. The witch acts as the final rampart between worlds, but her influence fails in the face of a growing threat: The Empress and her hordes of vicious warriors. The Empress has convinced the masses that the only way to escape The Withering is for the world's inhabitants to invade a new realm and stop the one prophesied to close the portal. Using her piteous sidekick, a short-statured warlock with IBS, she is siphoning the magic from the world to enrich herself. Doug must choose to stay and help the people of this realm or attempt to return to his family. The witch will allow him to choose, but she gifts him a sassy talking sapling in a red wagon, which is to grow to be a new conduit. He must undergo a perilous journey to gather the magical water, lights, and soil needed to foster its growth. Will he find help along the way or succumb to the evil forces attempting to destroy everything in this new realm? Join us weekly as this doughy dad from South Dakota becomes...THE DADBOD OF DESTINY.

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