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THE DADBOD OF DESTINY PODCAST Embark on a whimsical journey with "The Dadbod of Destiny," a delightful fusion of adventure and comedy brought to life through a full-cast audio-fiction production. Dive into each episode and follow the tale of a lovably doughy dad from South Dakota, who finds himself thrust into an enchanting realm brimming with prophecy, peril, and a quest for redemption. Picture the mystical allure of "Lord of the Rings," the rib-tickling humor of "Monty Python," and the family-oriented charm of a sanitized "Family Guy," and you've got the essence of The Dadbod of Destiny. [Family Friendly]

The Dadbod of Destiny main logo

Written by

Jason Leadingham

Steven Chisholm

Created & Directed by

Jason Leadingham

Audio Production

Aaron Vaders-Collins

Tomas Castillo

Audio SFX Editing

Jason Leadingham

Tomas Castillo

Original Music By

Kyle Griffith

Aaron Vaders-Collins

Cast in order of appearance

Jane Beverley, Troy Allen, Steven Snyder, Luke Thomsen, Joelle Shank, Antonio Bustos, David Flores, Dawn Kovalcik, Erin O'Malley, Eric Carlino, Terry Briscoe, Shelley Anderson-Tahiri, Hunter Guidroz, Susan Hohman, Amy Bermudez,

Jim Fronk, James Walker, Ryan Paige, Jason Leadingham, Rho Marsh, Jason Thomsen, J. Sebastian Valencia,

Stephanie Johnson, Phil Kolocotronis, Casandra Groves, Jessica Sunshine, Rachelle (Shelle) Riehl, Aaron Vaders-Collins, Kathryn (Kat) Jade Jarvie, Rochelle Ibarra, Julie Ayotte

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